Strategy Writing

DNM's principal consultant Daniel Reeders is an experienced senior project worker in community-based health promotion with a particular expertise in reviewing the evidence, conducting consultation and engagement, analysing policy and integrating the findings to produce clear and effective strategic documents.

How can DNM help you?

  • Strategic plans
  • Service models
  • Project and work plans
  • Evaluation plans
  • Funding applications
  • Business cases
  • Consultation reports
  • Engagement strategy

what even is strategy?

Writer and teacher Richard P. Rumelt defines the three ingredients of good strategy:

  1. A clear diagnosis of the problem or challenge.  This should be empirical rather than generic -- it needs to reflect how your program is situated in your environment.
  2. A guiding policy.  In other words, an insight that ties all the actions together.
  3. A coherent set of actions.  It's not enough for your activities to align with your objectives and be expressed in SMART form -- they need to hang together.