The Story So Far



making choice and control a reality for ndis clients

As a Research Fellow working with the Major Reforms team led by A/Prof Gemma Carey at the Public Service Research Group at UNSW Canberra, I developed a method using network analysis to identify thin markets and market gaps — where a shortage of service providers creates a lack of meaningful choice for people with disability. 

The new method lies at the heart of a four-year Australia Research Council grant to A/Prof Carey and her team of collaborators. Industry partners include the Australian Government Department of Human Services and National Disability Services. The project will use network analysis to identify thin markets and convene working groups of local experts to plan targeted action to improve choice and control.


As Screening Program Advisor to the Cancer Council Victoria I led the development of Victoria's first-ever Under-Screened Recruitment Strategy. The strategy outlined evidence-informed options to improve rates of participation in breast, bowel and cervical cancer screening among Aboriginal peoples, culturally diverse communities and people living in low-income areas in Victoria.

The strategy document was commissioned by the Victorian Department of Health and partners included BreastScreen Victoria, PapScreen Victoria and the Victorian Cervical Cancer Registry. It was funded for three years, establishing a new programme for Priority Popoulations at the Cancer Council Victoria.

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As project worker for the What Works and Why (W3) project at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, I worked with Dr Graham Brown to develop a method based on systems thinking to evaluate HIV prevention efforts. This involved facilitating workshops with staff and stakeholders in programs at state/territory and national programs, working with people who use drugs, gay and bisexual men, sex workers and people living with HIV.

Program leaders said the findings accurately represent the complexity of their work, and the findings help policy-makers and funders understand how to get the best value from Australia's investment in peer and community-based programs. The project was re-funded for Phase II in 2015, as I headed up to Canberra to begin my PhD research.

Chinese New Year festival (2011)

Chinese New Year festival (2011)

tackling hepatitis B in chinese and vietnamese communities

As Senior Project Worker at the Multicultural Health and Support Service I oversaw the development of an innovative program of campaigns to promote screening for hepatitis B among Chinese and Vietnamese diaspora communities. 

This is a surprisingly tough brief. Trust in doctors is culturally ingrained – yet our message was 'your doctor might have got it wrong.' Our target audience was first and second generation migrants who missed out on vaccination programs -- among whom about 12% have chronic hepatitis B, placing them at risk of liver cancer.

We asked a major multicultural advertising agency to pitch their ideas for reaching this group, and they effectively said 'too hard, we'd rather target young people.' So I developed an emotive campaign strategy to reach our target group via SBS television and radio, and a suite of culturally-relevant takeaway products for distribution at New Year's festivals.

addressing the 'double trouble' of racism and homophobia

For years the HIV sector in Australia wrung its hands about migrant gay men. The Multicultural Health and Support Service convened a forum for practitioners about the sexual health needs of culturally diverse men who have sex with men.

I developed a facilitation approach using small group discussions to elicit 'what do we know?' and 'how do we know it?' on four key topics. The discussions were recorded and transcribed and I analysed the transcripts to identify emerging themes.

Findings from the project were taken up by Victoria's Ministerial Advisory Committee on GLBT Health, underpinned a new ACON resource, and led to a substantial shift in policy and funding for work with emerging communities in South Australia.

understanding and challenging HIV stigma 

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) contracted me to review the literature on HIV stigma in preparation for a new campaign, FearLess LiveMore.

Stigma is one of those tricky topics that comes up again and again in every field. I drew on social psychology and socio-cultural theory to develop an intervention strategy based on real people telling their own stories with their own names and faces.

That was not the approach taken by the AFAO campaign, but you can see how well it works in this fabulous campaign produced eight years later by the National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAPWHA) with funding from Viiv Pharmaceuticals. 

Funding Grants and CV

Funding grants

2018 Contributed analytic strategy to ARC Linkage Grant (CI A/P Gemma Carey, 3 years, $400K)

2017 Endeavour Research Fellowship (Funding for international PhD research, $27K)

2015 Co-developed W3 project research methodology (CI Dr Graham Brown, 3 years, $350K)

2013 Author of Under-Screened Recruitment Strategy (Cancer Council Victoria, 3 years, $1.4m)

2012 Peer Education Program for Emerging Communities (Multicultural Health and Support Service [MHSS], 4 years, $320K)

2009 International Student Sexual & Reproductive Health Needs Analysis (MHSS, 1 year, $65K)

2009 Sexually Adventurous MSM (Living Positive Victoria, 3 years, $230K)

2008 Syphilis Rising Campaign (Living Positive Victoria, 1 year, $80K)

Curriculum vitae

2016-17 Research Fellow, Major Reforms, Public Service Research Group, UNSW Canberra

2014-15 Research Officer, W3 Project, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society

2012-13 Screening Program Advisor, Centre for Prevention of Cancer, Cancer Council Victoria

2009-12 Senior Project Worker, Multicultural Health and Support Service

2007-09 Campaign Coordinator and Resource Projects Officer, Living Positive Victoria

2006-7 Content Developer, Workforce Training Authority Australia

2005-6 Designer, Cyberspace Internet and CyberQ Pty Ltd

2004-5 Health Educator, Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre

2002-3 Schools Program Administrator, Debaters Association of Victoria


2016-(present) PhD Candidate, ANU School of Regulation and Governance (RegNet)

2013 Graduate Diploma in Public Health, Flinders University

2010 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws, University of Melbourne

Small Projects


supporting Prep users

A resource encouraging HIV-negative men using PrEP to learn from their friends and partners living with HIV about managing medication, dealing with doctors and challenging stigma. I wrote the text and organised focus testing as well as legal and clinical review in a matter of weeks.


enuf campaign

The ENUF Campaign encouraged people living with HIV to challenge HIV stigma in their everyday lives. I developed the strategy brief for the campaign, which featured prominently at the AIDS 2014 international conference in Melbourne. 


hepatitis c evaluation

A project launched in response to a report of a 'cluster' of hepatitis C cases among sexually adventurous gay men. My evaluation showed the project adapted continuously and effectively to a rapidly changing understanding of the issue.

when policy puts people at risk (ashm conference 2017)


brexit and trump: resistance  (regnet conversation series) 

napwha campaign launch (ashm conference 2016)