Contribute to a new, event-based PrEP resource


By Daniel Reeders (facilitator at DNM and writer of the Bad Blood blog)

I've obtained a modest amount of funding to develop a resource on event-based dosing for PrEP. Event-based PrEP is an alternative to daily dosing. Evidence shows it is just as effective as daily dosing among men who have sex with men. It may suit people whose sexual encounters are more planned or occasional. It means taking fewer pills overall, which may reduce the cost of medication and exposure to side effects. 

With event-based dosing, it is important to follow the dosing schedule correctly. The resource will help men who have sex with men (both cis and trans) to understand the event-based approach and make an informed and personal decision. The target audience is people who are currently considering or using event-based dosing, because they are likely to share their knowledge and experiences with people considering this approach in future.  

To make sure the messages are accurate, the resource will be developed with the involvement of Australian and international HIV clinicians and researchers. The timeframe is quite tight -- we are aiming to launch the resource by early November.

I'm not getting paid (and neither is my business, DNM). I'm doing this because I trust gay men to make their own decisions about prevention, and I think it really matters. I'm looking for volunteers to help in a couple of important ways:

  • Participants for an online discussion group to view the draft resource and give feedback on it. You can tell us whether the design appeals to you and how you understand the key messages.

    We're interested in men who are curious about, considering or currently doing event-based PrEP. The resource is being developed for Australians, but we are open to participation by people in other countries. We are also particularly keen to hear from men born overseas but living in Australia, men with trans experience, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. Men living with HIV who have experience of group sex and chemsex, or who are formal or informal educators about PrEP and U=U, are also welcome to participate. The discussion groups will be subject to a confidentiality agreement for the protection of other participants.

If you're keen, please send me an e-mail with some brief details about yourself: daniel [at] dnm dot net dot au or send me a message via the Contact page.

Image source: Evan J Peterson's Truvada selfie (Wikimedia Commons, 2017).